Where Are You Going?

I wrote this blog almost exactly a year ago and it is very fitting…

Last year, on the first Sunday of the year, I went to church. Any-who, it was an experience that solidified my start to a better year.

The Gospel lesson spoke of the journey Joseph and Mary took to keep Jesus safe from Herod. The Reverend tied this lesson of this journey to that of the new year which should bring hope.

What are our future plans? How did we learn from the past year and the experiences we had? This is what New Year Resolutions should be about, not about making false promises to yourself, but looking back in order to move forward.

She gave three lovely steps to moving forward…
1. Reflection
2. Regeneration
3. Resolution

We have to first reflect on the past in order to really make the best of the future.

Reflection: serious thought or consideration.

Reflect on the good and the bad in a way that allows for improvement in our existence and an appreciation of the chances we have. What did you do right and would like to continue to build on? What did you do that was not so right and would like to change or break?We may not understand why bad things happen, but trust in the ways of God and the purpose these experiences hold.

Regeneration is the spiritual transformation in a person, brought about by the Holy Spirit, that brings the individual from being spiritually dead to become a spiritually alive human being.

A new year is a new chance for regeneration, for learning, perfecting and overall development. It is a time for hope not regret, because we have a chance at change. Once we have reflected on the things that have passed, we now need to find the strength and reason to regenerate and get ready for the year to come.

Resolution: The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.

After you have reflected and felt regenerated, make the commitment. Write down your resolutions, make them real and solid. Your resolutions should be detailed and specific, so that you may follow them carefully. Make an effort to fulfill them so that this year may bring growth and not the same old, same old.

So I leave you with that message of new beginnings and pray you make full use of the chance to make it better and fulfill your purpose.


  Snapper Sunrise


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