Take Control of Your Own Happiness

“Nothing,’ wrote Tolstoy, ‘can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.”
― Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project


Today, I decided to flip throw the channels on the TV because I was too lazy to go and make breakfast; any who I came upon a Joel Osteen program and his topic for the program was ‘Take control of your own Happiness’

Let me tell you, I have been thinking on this all day because it is so strange how happiness is simple to repeat each day but we don’t or can’t and just end up miserable or surface happy. So Joel spoke about four (4) types of people that may exist in our lives and how they can help to determine the quality of our lives.

1. Lifter
These persons, just by being themselves, make you feel light, they allow you to feel happy and you leave their presence feeling refreshed.
2. Thruster
These persons motivate you through their words and also just by being themselves. They make you feel ready to conquer your dreams and your day.
3. Weights
These persons constantly expect you to share the burden of their never ending sadness and negativity. They never uplift you; in fact they constantly weigh you down.
4. Drags
They also with negativity drag you down when you are soaring and you feel happy. With their words they drag you lower and lower into the pit of their sadness and they wish to keep you there. As they say “misery loves company”.
As I listened to Joel, not in the exact words, explain these persons I was immediately able to sort the people I know into these categories and I instantly felt a need to cry.

I thought to myself, who am I for the people around me; just as much as I thought about them.  He went on to say that we should try to be around Lifters and Thrusters because they will give you the allowance to meet your destiny and the greatness you are meant to. Weights and Drags, unfortunately, keep you stuck and you are so consumed in trying to make them happy and to please them that you ignore your purpose. I thought of people who not only drag or weigh me down with sadness and negativity; but I also considered those I feel so low about because of their blatant indifference.

I am grateful however for the people who have aided me thus far in my life; for those people who were there for me even when it got too rough. It is funny how the small things people do and don’t do can immediately result in them falling into a category. I will never forget the moment I knew that there are some persons I just can’t count on to be there during the rough stuff and those that I can. That I will save for another time when I feel stronger and can therefore handle being vulnerable.

Well, I really thought I’d share this with you guys because we all need to think about this, we have to evaluate the people we have in our space and what we are allowing them to feed our spirits. We have to also be mindful of how we treat others and what we feed them as well.

But until you have figured it all out, before you go out in the morning fill yourself with motivation and positivity. Affirm each day, hour and minute the goodness you need to and constantly give thanks for who and where you are.

Peace to you and don’t forget to follow the Chronicles (@DaleyChronicles)


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