A Message For You

There may be persons in your life who feel they have been tasked with the job to constantly bring you down. They criticize and never have a good thing to say. They use you as a way to unload their burdens.

Let me be the one to tell you…You don’t  deserve it.

You may not be perfect but you are not a ball of wrong. You have great qualities that deserve to be recognized. You are worthy of love and were not made to be someone’s doormat, a place for them to leave the mess they have. No! You are a light of greatness and beauty.

You can listen to criticism but not when it’s  only meant to bring you down. People who love and care for you don’t  want to tear you down, they wish to build you up. So criticism from them comes in the form of advice, it comes with solution and reason. It comes from a place of care and concern.

So lift your head high and close your ears to those who wish to break you. We may not be perfect but we were wonderfully made. Our purpose is not to make others feel good by putting ourselves down…We have the right to feel good too.

Keep your head high. Until next time…


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