Stop Putting A Hold On Life

I remember at the beginning of this year, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish and when I did. I did this because I know that putting your plans down on paper makes them real. Sad part is, I underestimated the power of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow/next week/next month’. I did not make a contingency plan for the little virus called procrastination that has the ability to eat through your plans and sabotage your progress.

A lot of the progress we make depends on the level of commitment and time we put into what we want to accomplish. It could be as small as a doctor’s visit; if we don’t make the time for it then we won’t ever be able to go. We start to then slowly put our lives on pause. We become incapable of completing the things we aspire to and we start to become stagnant, our growth stunted. 

A life with no growth or progress feels dead and can be considered dead too. It gives you no drive to handle tomorrow, it leaves you feeling miserable and uncomfortable with where you are. It may even push you to try to rip yourself out of your skin. You start to feel down and empty without being able to pinpoint a particular reason. So it’s safe to say it doesn’t do you any good.

I am not sure how I can get out of this slump where I just feel as if I am muddling through but I have a clue.
1. I will commit to my tasks on my to-do list, no matter how simple it is.
2. Try to establish a routine that keeps me on track and not just busy but productive.
3. Exercise and eat right: I think this is more than important, part of the drive to get up and do things has to do with your mind and body, keep those healthy and active, and you will be able to accomplish much more.
4. Don’t beat myself up: if I can’t get something done or I need to rest, I should put myself down and feel I am slipping back into the pattern. Mistakes happen.
5. Don’t put off for tomorrow, what can be done today.

Those are the five things I will be focusing on as I try to not put a hold on life. If you have any tips or pointers, please comment below.


Until next time…DC


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