Slowly…Figuring Things Out

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog lately simply because I haven’t been feeling very motivated. I thought it was distraction that fueled this nonchalant attitude towards writing but I slowly realized it may be more than that.

There are many things we can fix in a jiffy without any help…and others, we just can’t.

Over the last couple months, I’ve had my fair share of internal ups and downs. Sometimes it’s because of actual events but most times it’s just my mind and the thoughts it holds. Now there are people who will give you very generic advice that to them sounds simple enough, but it isn’t.

Figuring out what’s wrong without a clear start point is a process you go through rather slowly. And this makes perfect sense, if the issue is that serious or prominent then taking it slowly or at your pace of comfort is what you should do. Don’t feel rushed by time, people or your general environment. It’s not fair to you. You deserve to be allowed to slowly figure out your mess and then put it back together. You’ll know when you’re taking ‘Too long’ or moving through way too fast. You can feel the authenticity of the progress you’re making. You’ll know the difference between ‘handcrafted’ and ‘hurried’. Trust me, deep down, if you are honest with yourself you will know before anyone even alludes to it.

So what’s my message? That just like me, if you’re going through something and you don’t feel right in your skin; you are ALLOWED to take it slow. That is your right. So turn the volume on those that want to rush you through. The sun sets when it pleases and rises at its own pace too. It is not bothered by the humans sitting and wishing that it would hurry or slow down. You shouldn’t either.



Journey into Passion and Purpose


January 11, 2016 will mark the start of my journey towards feeling more fulfilled. I found a great challenge when I did my research  and I fell in love with it. It’s called ‘This Cherished Life: Rediscover Your Passion & Purpose’. I have found myself in situations where I feel empty or simply like wasted blank paper without direction or purpose. I have always had a passion for Psychology and with each roadblock I have been falling deeper into this empty feeling. I have drowned out my free time with either work or mindlessly watching TV shows but I haven’t felt filled. So needless to say, this challenge is PERFECT!

This challenge pushes you to write freely or based on the prompts and the questions. What I love are the actual prompts, for example “What are you doing too much of, that you can let go of? What are you doing on a regular basis that isn’t serving you? What kinds of “shoulds” are you allowing in your life that, when you really think about them, are really “I would rather nots”?” These are the types of questions we should be asking ourselves, and with 30 minutes per day for 30 days, it is a slow way to form the habit of carving out time for yourself. I’ve always spoken of the con to having a ‘busy’ life, you start to lose track of what’s important. I’m hoping to maintain connections with my friends and family this year. To continue to focus on what makes me feel fulfilled, even if it’s for a small portion of my day.

So wish me luck because I am going to try my BEST to keep on track with this challenge.

Until next time beauties! Here’s the link to the challenge if you want to try it:


2016 Book Challenge Accepted…Well Sorta

I’ve been trying to get my challenges in order for the year like my Gratitude Challenge, Exercise/Workout Challenge, Writing Challenge etc. when I came across the 2016 Popsugar Book Challenge. I read the list (below) and decided, ‘Yep! I’m gonna do this…well some of them.’ I know who I am as a reader, so I know the things that won’t necessarily interest me, like a political memoir, autobiography etc. So I went straight to my Google Keep and added the categories to a new list. I have been going through to figure out which books I will be reading and so far, I have been having a HARD time. There are SOOO many great books out there and I pray I make the time this year to explore them. I really wish I had someone to share this interest with, but until then, I have my faithful followers (not that I’ll leave you anyway). So here’s the list for the challenge, can you do it? Let me know some of your suggestions and I will definitely share my experience as I go along.


Happy New Year!