When The Music Hits…

There are some songs that really put you in a place when you hear them, I mean really listen to them.

I am a lover of music, I search for music that speaks to me in every way. It could be contemplative me, lover me, rachet me, soulful me, life-appreciating me and God loving me. I look for them all and when I hear them, they put me into that place, they speak to that part of me clearly!

So I wanted to share with you a few of the songs that have been on my list for the past few weeks. They give me a start, a push if you may, to get my vibe going. To give you an idea of the feeling I get, I have categorized my song list (You can click on the name of the song to listen to it on YouTube)…This isn’t all, so you can look out for another list.


1. River Rise – India Arie

There was always
A power I could feel
It was guidance to tell me the way to go
But nowadays I feel like can’t hear that voice
I’ve been flying blind
I need you to come and be my eyes. (be my eyes)

River Rise

2. Seattle – Mary Mary

Open up my heart
Fill me with your love
Every single part
Make me what you’re made of
Take me from the start
Hold my hand in yours
Let the rain pour

Holy Spirit rain like Seattle

3. The Last Jesus – Kirk Franklin

If I say I love Jesus, but you can’t see my Jesus
My words are empty, if they can’t see Jesus in me
No more excuses, I give myself away
Because I may be the only Jesus they see

Purpose Driven

1. Say – John Mayer

You’d better know that in the end
It’s better to say too much
Then never say what you need to say again

2. If Today was Your Last Day – Nickelback

If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

3. Fly Before You Fall – Cynthia Erivo

I hear you
Tumbling fast
Here and now, you’re afraid
Don’t you worry
I’ll teach you to fly before you fall away

Loving You is Like…

1. Got Love – Tove Lo

When I breathe and I breathe into you and I feel it right to the bone
And I give what you give and we go even higher than we are strong

2. James Blake – A Case of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)

Oh I could drink a case of you darling
I would still be on my feet

3. I Do This For You – Marlene

I set my heart on fire to make my love shine brighter
I give it all if you’re ready to take it..

I do this for you.

Take Me There

These are not so much about the words…but the feeling.

1. Take Shelter – Years and Years

2. Say My Name – Odesza ft. Zyra

3. Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure ft. London Grammar

4. Stay – Rihanna (Branchez Remix)

Last but not least *giggles*

Did You Say Turn Up?

1. That’s Me Right There – Jasmine V

Yeah, that’s me right there
Can’t nobody love that man
Like I love that man
That’s me right there

2. Bang My Head – David Guetta Ft. Sia

You may feel light headed, but you won’t crawl, no, you won’t fall
You will rise above it all
You’ll find what you’re searching for
And you may feel light headed
You think you’re gonna hit the floor
Instead you rise above it all

3. Hands To Myself – Selena Gomez

Can’t keep my hands to myself
I want it all, know nothing else
Can’t keep my hands to myself
Give me your all and nothing else

4. Commas – Future

Fake n* lie to a real n*, that’s just some s* that you don’t do
Imma stay riding for my real n*, that’s just some s* that I’m gon’ do

There you go. I’ll be doing this again so if you have any suggestions, share them in the comment section :-). Until next time…


When The Music Hits…I Go To Another Place

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
― Victor Hugo


This is the truth in many ways for me. As much as I may want to believe that I am very expressive and I am able to communicate my feelings, there are times when I can’t. At these times, music helps me to get an understanding of what may be happening, and helps me to express it.

I really enjoy looking through YouTube for amazing new songs to listen to. Even if they were made last year, years before or just a few months ago, I always add them to my New Finds playlist. But for the purpose of this blog, I took a few of them out and added them to a new playlist “Take Me There”.

There are some songs that I listen to, that take me to another place all together. When I really listen to them, it is almost as if I am living in the beat, the melodies and every chord. It could be a slow and soulful ballad or an upbeat techno vibe, I still get lost. So I wanted to share with you, 15 of these songs. Some of them you may know and others you don’t (If you don’t then check them out, they are pretty good).

Take Me There

Touch – Shura
Love You Anyway – Ji Nilsson & Marlene
Lavender Fields – Marlene
Heart Smile – JahKoy
Broken – Daley
We’ll Be Gone By Then – Crozet
Fly Before You Fall – Cynthia Erivo
A Case of You (Joni Mitchell Cover) – James Blake
Sights – London Grammar
Take Shelter – Years and Years
Winter – Matt Corby
Say My Name – Odesza ft. Zyra
Jealous – Labrinth
Got Love – Tove Lo
Stay Awake – Marlene


Look out for more songs and book suggestions in the continuation of the @DaleyChronicles.