When The Music Hits…

There are some songs that really put you in a place when you hear them, I mean really listen to them.

I am a lover of music, I search for music that speaks to me in every way. It could be contemplative me, lover me, rachet me, soulful me, life-appreciating me and God loving me. I look for them all and when I hear them, they put me into that place, they speak to that part of me clearly!

So I wanted to share with you a few of the songs that have been on my list for the past few weeks. They give me a start, a push if you may, to get my vibe going. To give you an idea of the feeling I get, I have categorized my song list (You can click on the name of the song to listen to it on YouTube)…This isn’t all, so you can look out for another list.


1. River Rise – India Arie

There was always
A power I could feel
It was guidance to tell me the way to go
But nowadays I feel like can’t hear that voice
I’ve been flying blind
I need you to come and be my eyes. (be my eyes)

River Rise

2. Seattle – Mary Mary

Open up my heart
Fill me with your love
Every single part
Make me what you’re made of
Take me from the start
Hold my hand in yours
Let the rain pour

Holy Spirit rain like Seattle

3. The Last Jesus – Kirk Franklin

If I say I love Jesus, but you can’t see my Jesus
My words are empty, if they can’t see Jesus in me
No more excuses, I give myself away
Because I may be the only Jesus they see

Purpose Driven

1. Say – John Mayer

You’d better know that in the end
It’s better to say too much
Then never say what you need to say again

2. If Today was Your Last Day – Nickelback

If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

3. Fly Before You Fall – Cynthia Erivo

I hear you
Tumbling fast
Here and now, you’re afraid
Don’t you worry
I’ll teach you to fly before you fall away

Loving You is Like…

1. Got Love – Tove Lo

When I breathe and I breathe into you and I feel it right to the bone
And I give what you give and we go even higher than we are strong

2. James Blake – A Case of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)

Oh I could drink a case of you darling
I would still be on my feet

3. I Do This For You – Marlene

I set my heart on fire to make my love shine brighter
I give it all if you’re ready to take it..

I do this for you.

Take Me There

These are not so much about the words…but the feeling.

1. Take Shelter – Years and Years

2. Say My Name – Odesza ft. Zyra

3. Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure ft. London Grammar

4. Stay – Rihanna (Branchez Remix)

Last but not least *giggles*

Did You Say Turn Up?

1. That’s Me Right There – Jasmine V

Yeah, that’s me right there
Can’t nobody love that man
Like I love that man
That’s me right there

2. Bang My Head – David Guetta Ft. Sia

You may feel light headed, but you won’t crawl, no, you won’t fall
You will rise above it all
You’ll find what you’re searching for
And you may feel light headed
You think you’re gonna hit the floor
Instead you rise above it all

3. Hands To Myself – Selena Gomez

Can’t keep my hands to myself
I want it all, know nothing else
Can’t keep my hands to myself
Give me your all and nothing else

4. Commas – Future

Fake n* lie to a real n*, that’s just some s* that you don’t do
Imma stay riding for my real n*, that’s just some s* that I’m gon’ do

There you go. I’ll be doing this again so if you have any suggestions, share them in the comment section :-). Until next time…


Journey into Passion and Purpose


January 11, 2016 will mark the start of my journey towards feeling more fulfilled. I found a great challenge when I did my research  and I fell in love with it. It’s called ‘This Cherished Life: Rediscover Your Passion & Purpose’. I have found myself in situations where I feel empty or simply like wasted blank paper without direction or purpose. I have always had a passion for Psychology and with each roadblock I have been falling deeper into this empty feeling. I have drowned out my free time with either work or mindlessly watching TV shows but I haven’t felt filled. So needless to say, this challenge is PERFECT!

This challenge pushes you to write freely or based on the prompts and the questions. What I love are the actual prompts, for example “What are you doing too much of, that you can let go of? What are you doing on a regular basis that isn’t serving you? What kinds of “shoulds” are you allowing in your life that, when you really think about them, are really “I would rather nots”?” These are the types of questions we should be asking ourselves, and with 30 minutes per day for 30 days, it is a slow way to form the habit of carving out time for yourself. I’ve always spoken of the con to having a ‘busy’ life, you start to lose track of what’s important. I’m hoping to maintain connections with my friends and family this year. To continue to focus on what makes me feel fulfilled, even if it’s for a small portion of my day.

So wish me luck because I am going to try my BEST to keep on track with this challenge.

Until next time beauties! Here’s the link to the challenge if you want to try it: http://bit.ly/1SbSqiv.


2016 Book Challenge Accepted…Well Sorta

I’ve been trying to get my challenges in order for the year like my Gratitude Challenge, Exercise/Workout Challenge, Writing Challenge etc. when I came across the 2016 Popsugar Book Challenge. I read the list (below) and decided, ‘Yep! I’m gonna do this…well some of them.’ I know who I am as a reader, so I know the things that won’t necessarily interest me, like a political memoir, autobiography etc. So I went straight to my Google Keep and added the categories to a new list. I have been going through to figure out which books I will be reading and so far, I have been having a HARD time. There are SOOO many great books out there and I pray I make the time this year to explore them. I really wish I had someone to share this interest with, but until then, I have my faithful followers (not that I’ll leave you anyway). So here’s the list for the challenge, can you do it? Let me know some of your suggestions and I will definitely share my experience as I go along.


Happy New Year!

An Important, but hard, New Year’s Resolution

First I really have to marvel at the changes that took place on WordPress since I last made a blog post. I know it’s disappointing and I totally fell off the wagon but hopefully I can dig down inside to find that inspiration and motivation again.

But let me get into why I came here. Today, I made a heavy realization and it is one that I have been seeing for quite some time now but always found it difficult to accept. That is: People won’t always care for you as much as you care for them. They won’t want to be in your company as much or feel the need to reach out as much. That is the simple truth. Sometimes, others are caught up in their own lives and those close to them that there are others (which may include you), that get forgotten.

So here’s where I am at with that sad truth and realization; I need to find a way to not care as much when people do this to me. Here’s why: A. Chances are, I may be doing this to someone else without even knowing. B. These experiences are coming at me so frequently it is hard to ignore that fact that there must be a lesson in there somewhere. C. What’s the point in getting sad and bothered over someone who doesn’t glance twice at you? There aren’t a lot of strong arguments now are there?

So for the year 2016, I will try to care less when I am cast aside and instead learn where to focus my efforts  and where it’s not worth it. Sometimes people are very seasonal or reach out only when they need something; I’m finding a lot of those people in my life right now. Does that mean I am not exciting? A good friend? A good sister? I don’t think so.  I am forced to conclude that the universe may be teaching me the great lesson of loving myself enough to be happy when alone, know my worth and surround myself with people who genuinely care for me and want to be around me. I am tired of failed plans, waiting on others just to have them bail. I am exhausted and quite displeased by the constant knot I have in my stomach when I am ‘left out’.

So that’s my first and I think one of the hardest resolutions I will make for this coming year. My decision may not be liked or understood, but I feel this is what’s best for me.

Do you have any hard decisions you need to make? Tell me about it and maybe I can give you some valuable advice.

Until next time…

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

What does it mean to be your “Brother’s Keeper”? Does it mean being there when the person needs you? Or is it more than that?

Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

–       Genesis 4: 9

I was thinking of my present relationships and I wondered to myself if they really hold as much value as I claim they do. I started to question the true meaning of friendship and being there for someone and the first thing to come to my mind is being my brother’s keeper.

Now, I think to be your brother’s keeper means a whole lot more than we may want to accept, because that means it will take work and time…But isn’t that what friendships and relationships are really about? The work we put in to keep them alive?

If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it . . .” (1 Corinthians 12:26)

I think, as with many other teachings of the Bible, we have come to water down and rationalize the teachings and expectations of God. But even if you don’t want to look at this from a religious perspective, how strong can a friendship or relationship be if we just do the bare minimum when it suits us? If we leave things at, “She knows I am here for her” instead of showing her that you are there?

It is such a great thing, and maybe a not so great thing, that Google was invented, because it saved me time on finding passages in the Bible that speaks to us being there for each other or being each others’ keepers.  So I will try to tie what I have found, with my own view on what this means to me. I know I have not been practicing this, but in my heart I believe we should be doing way more than we believe we are now.

  1. Show Love; It is so funny, that as soon as I typed this, a car passed and the words of the song said “Love is, call on me sister.” Loving someone and showing it is a part of being that person’s keeper. It is not about just caring when it is convenient, it is about lending a helping hand, sharing kind words or being a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. There are many times we need people far more than we are comfortable to express, but there is that moment when someone is there for you and you feel as if all hope is not lost. Now don’t be fooled, people know when you are not genuine, they know when you are more curious than caring and loving. They also know when you are doing things out of perceived obligation or pity, so it is up to us to find it in our hearts to do this because we want to, and no so much because it is expected of us.
  1. Show Kindness

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” – Matthew 25:35

There are so many ways in which we can show kindness to one another. We can buy a friend lunch, lend them a book or help them to clean their house. At Church of the Resurrection, a part of helping the elderly in church is by visiting them to read with them, listen to them and also help out around the house. So whether it is washing, sweeping or straightening up, we are helping them out and showing them kindness.

Being kind is about being there for someone and helping them with something that they may need. Also, being kind is a great way of improving self, you are much happier when you are kind to others. So if that means a compliment then you put a smile on their face and you light a spark in their hearts. We all just need someone to care, and honestly if we decided to be each others’ keepers, we would not have a lot of the problems we do now. But as with everything else, we as humans limit ourselves and we struggle.

  1. Feel the urge to do more…

Now I was talking to a few of my friends, just to get an understanding of their view on this lost topic, and I must say I was not very shocked. I was not shocked because this is how I have been behaving though I know it is not right. We have somehow convinced ourselves that being our brother’s keeper means doing the best we can when we can. But are we really looking out for others, or just ourselves? Being your brother’s keeper should not be when you are comfortable or when you have time; it should be a constant practice in our lives. It should also not be limited to family members and close friends, sometimes the persons that need our help the most are those we don’t look to help.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2

As we grow, we change and we develop. What was our best in primary school, is certainly not our best now. This is the same in our relationships with each other. Yes maybe 4 years ago, the best you could do was a pat on the back or “I’m sorry”, but certainly now should be different. It should be different because we should be pushing ourselves to do more and be more for each other. Yes, we need to strike a balance between being someone’s crutch and their keeper. We should also strike a balance between taking care of ourselves and others. But honestly, are we really trying to do as much as we can? Or are we stuck in the mindset that we are doing our best, especially with all we have to deal with? I know that I am not doing my best, and I can say that to anyone, because now I can actually work on that. We should all look into our hearts, take the time to reflect on our friendships and relationships and be honest with ourselves. Could things be better if we gave a little bit more?

The mind is a powerful part of who we are, it has the ability to help us to cope with challenging thoughts. For example, a part of you feels as if you are not there enough for the people around you, but then you have so much on your plate you can’t possibly find the time. You know what your mind does? It convinces you that you are doing enough. Don’t get me wrong, maybe you are really doing enough, but I also know that we make time for the things that are important to us, and even if it is for 5 minutes, we can reach out to someone just to send them a picker upper, whether they may need it or not. I mean, don’t we need it sometimes too? Not a whole therapy session, but just a “Hey, I am proud of you. I know you may get tired, but hang in there because you have immeasurable strength.” We do.

  1. We need to look out for each other…

This may be a touchy topic because some people may say “not everyone wants help from others” and maybe you are right, but does that stop us from trying? Everyone may not believe they need saving, but it didn’t stop Jesus from dying for our sins so that we can be saved right?

“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” – Nehemiah 4:14

The Bible tells us to fight for our brothers and our family. It did not tell us, “Ask them if they need help then offer it”, we got that thought from somewhere else. So no, I do not believe that being my brother’s keeper means I ask him if he is okay when he seems a bit down. It means I constantly look out for him and check up on him even when he may not be showing signs that he needs it. Like I said, I am guilty of it too, but that does not make it right.

An example came to mind and I will share it because, well I don’t see a problem sharing it.

Jane, Sally, Jessie and Kelly are all friends. Now one day, Jane hears something from Janet about Kelly, something she knows Kelly would not have said to everyone. So, Jane becomes worried and feels the need to warn Kelly. But she doesn’t really warn her, she just enhanced her suspicions of everyone else. Because what she says to Kelly is, “Be careful of who you tell stuff because I heard something from someone, and I am sure you didn’t tell them.”

Now honestly, is that being your brother’s keeper? Fully, anyways? I don’t believe so. It would appear as if  Jane is trying to save herself in case Kelly decides to confront the source, and who does that help? Not Kelly.

This is just an example but you get the idea; we have to look out for each other, even if that means it may cause a little conflict. So if you saw your best friend’s boyfriend with another girl, don’t go around being cryptic and sending hints. Let her know, regardless of the fact that she may get upset with you and not believe you. Because, sometimes the right thing to do and the hard thing to do… are the same things.

Well there you have it, those are my thoughts. They are not Gospel and have not been written in stone, and they also do not cover the full meaning of being your brother’s keeper, but they are simply my thoughts. I am open to comments and constructive criticisms; I mean how else can we learn?

Thank you for reading, until next time.